About Me
I am constantly striving to infuse intentionality and purpose into everything I do. I believe that an engineer's role goes beyond simply solving problems; we are facilitators, responsible for bringing together different disciplines, resources, expertise, and contexts to create effective solutions. This requires a combination of technical and soft skills, which I why I consider my communication skills to be just as important as my technical abilities.

I graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering with a minor in Photography. Throughout my time at Olin, I had the opportunity to be the mechanical design lead and later a mentor for our Formula SAE Electric team, Olin Electric Motorsports. I also dedicated my time to enhancing the accessibility and inclusivity of the field of mechanical engineering on campus. As a Machine Shop Assistant on campus, I helped to lower the barrier of entry to Shop spaces for all community members. Additionally, alongside a group of my peers, I had the opportunity to design and teach a student-led course, ENGR3399 Mechanical Analysis. One of the key objectives of the course was to provide formal instruction on topics that we had learned through internships and project teams, which we felt were missing from the ME curriculum. We aimed to not only benefit students during our time at Olin but also beyond by publicly sharing the course material in order to reach a wider audience.​​​​​​​