In the summer of 2019, I worked as a Mechanical Engineering Intern at Haas Automation Inc. At Haas, I was able to experience a hands-on learning environment under the largest western machine tool manufacturer. During my time at Haas, I split my time between the R&D and Supply Quality Engineering departments to assist both at the time. 
For R&D I worked on the global sourcing effort to replace in-house parts with components manufactured overseas and in the United States. My primary focus was ensuring these new parts passed the production line's form, fit, and function tests. In addition, I assisted with reworking faulty components for tools like the Haas Bar Feeder and Mini Mill series. In addition, I worked on helping with the reorganization effort for the department. For Supplier Quality Engineering, I was trained on how to work with outside vendors for the validation of RMAs and RGAs. I worked closely on cleaning up the electrical component overflow work to cover for the engineer who had recently left the company. 
For both positions, I was trained to use Haas's internal SAP ERP system. Also, I was given the opportunity to become CNC Haas Mill Operator certified as the program was just being rolled out during that summer.