For my final project in Advanced Digital Photography, I created a photo book that focused on the lives and thoughts of a handful of students at Olin College of Engineering. Olin's student body only comprises about ~385 undergraduate students resulting in many knowing the name, face, and major of any given student, Yet even with the community's small size I still found myself with the feeling that I didn't truly know many of my peers, at least not as much as I would have liked to. This book served as a method to get to know others via a personal conversation and portrait. The short time I did spend with those included in this book isn't meant to represent who an individual is in one's entirety. Rather my hope was to take portions of our conversation that spoke to me to then share with the greater Olin community. Therefore, these snippets of our talk could enable others in the community to have a head start on learning more about someone they have not yet had the pleasure of knowing yet.